Set up the pieces rotate them and put them together 3 by 3 or greater to remove them
Switch It
Switch off the lights.
Aqua Energizer
Push the red energy dots into the blue tube to energize it and escape from the level.
Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center.
12 Swap
Switch the smiley faces around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.
Press the lights in the same sequence they light up.
Roll the dice and make the combination of numbers to win.
Subtract the numbers as fast as you can.
Millonaire: LOTR Edition
Play 'Who Wants to be a Millonaire?' with questions from Lord of the Rings.
Remove all the tiles by jumping on them with the arrow keys, ctrl+arrow key for longer jump.
Stackopolis MC
Stack up the tiles according to the blueprint to construct a structure in the city. Hurry up as time runs out.
Play classic hang man or roulette style where the hangman uses a gun.
Before The Storm
Rearrange the pieces of this quiet prairie side puzzle, containing grass and trees.
Blow Up
Similar puzzle game to bust a move shoot the ball at others to explode them.
Absolutist BlackJack
Play casino style Blackjack. Hit, stand, or double down. Insure against ace.
Reach the finish without falling through the boards.
Shoot the different colored balls match them up to remove them.
Shanghai Dynasty
Play a game of Mah Jongg match up two corresponding tiles to remove it from the top.
Tetris blocks type game with bigger stranger pieces drop them and break lines.
Kore Karts
Race down these broken streets dirt roads and other tracks, don't smash into walls or you'll explode.
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