Castle Destroyer
Castle Destroyer
Fire cannonballs towards the enemy castle and try to destroy as much as you can, before the time runs out.
Midnight Strike
Midnight Strike
Walk through the factory, shooting down enemies and barrels with your gun and crawl through tunnels.
Electro Man
Electro Man
very fun, delicate hand person, skill game


Your bike just got jacked. Get it back before the thief is gone for good.
Fly Catcher
Catch flies by spinning your web and eat them, avoid being hit by the fly swatter.
Vitisus Rage
Charge into your enemies and strike them with your sword to score combo points.
Pie Hard
Collect all of the pies you can possibly find.
Snack Attack
Can you climb the stairs with a full tray of soft drinks, hot small dogs and freedom fries? :)
Camper Strike
Counter strike style shooting game with moving targets, use your pistol or sniper rifle to destroy them.
Hybrid Fighter
Classic shooter Space Invaders is revived in this hybrid version with more weapon upgrades and bonus
Spamihilator: Anti Spam
Click the close button on the spam windows before they fill your screen.
Defenders Of The Motherland
Compete over 10 rounds in this classic fighting game.
Flash Tank
Change angle and power depending on wind and fire the cannon from your tank destroy enemy tank.
Collect all the parts of your submarine and assemble them to escape out, avoiding the dangerous sea.
Little Soldiers
Cool strategy game where you control the little soldiers.
Megaman Polarity
Change shield polarities to absorb enemy blasts, power up your mega blaster and find Bass to destroy him.
The Apprentice
Climb the corporate ladder in this path to become the apprentice.
Bat In Nightmare
Cool game where you control a bat.
Fly Sui
Catch the flies with chopsticks.
Samba di Mausland
Click on the samba shakers before they disappear.
Freaky Football
Collect the beans, avoid the bombs, dodge the defence and run to touch down in this freakish football game.
Fire Fighter
Catch the residents of a burning building and get them into an ambulance.
King of Buttons
Click on the buttons with your mouse to push them in endurance, time trial, challenge and reflex matches.
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